ZIP Code 02151: 'In Revere, In Those Days'

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Seagulls fly above Revere Beach. (Dr. RawheaD/Flickr)
Seagulls fly above Revere Beach. (Dr. RawheaD/Flickr)

When most people think of Revere, lots of cliches come to mind.

Working class. Rough around the edges. Boston accents.

Roland Merullo, one of the most eloquent novelists to come out of Revere, wants to go beyond the cliches. So do we.

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For our latest installment of ZIP-Code Stories, our literary series about local Massachusetts neighborhoods, we're headed to Revere through Merullo's eyes.

"The whole point is we want to go beyond the cliche, because everyone who lives in a particular place really knows their town better than that," said Henriette Lazaridis Power, co-creator of ZIP-Code Stories and editor of The Drum. "So, hopefully we're looking for stories that succeed in showing us something about a particular area that we wouldn't normally see."

No one has been better at revealing the real 02151 than Roland Merullo. He's author of The Revere Beach Trilogy, a series of novels including "Revere Beach Boulevard," a book that made the Boston Globe's 100 essential New England reads. His latest book is "The Talk Funny Girl."

Merullo also wrote "In Revere in Those Days," a haunting coming-of-age novel set in Revere.



This segment aired on August 22, 2011.


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