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Letters: Listeners Respond To Chai Ling

This article is more than 11 years old.
(jasleen kaur/flickr)
(jasleen kaur/flickr)

We always love hearing from our listeners, so here is some of your feedback.

On Wednesday we interviewed Chai Ling, a Chinese dissident who was a top student leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. A Harvard Business School grad, Chai now leads a Boston-based educational software company and a non-profit that works against the One-Child policy in China.

We talked to Chai Ling about her new memoir, and about the support she offered to the Occupy movement during her recent visit to the Occupy Boston encampment.

Several listeners bristled at this interview. "FalunGonzo" commented at

How fitting that Chai Ling, the revolutionary turned millionaire, would try to throw herself into the mix at Occupy Boston and cloud the message to include herself, a very well connected member of the 1%.

Also, Mike123 wrote:

It was bad taste to link Tiananmen to Boston through Chai Ling, a very controversial figure, to say the least, among Chinese Americans.

On the other hand, Dan Stanley wrote that he was moved by Chai Ling's story and her work against China's One-Child policy.

And listener Richard Pendleton asked us:

How can you interview Chai Ling without asking why she continually files lawsuits against the Long Bow Group, filmmakers who produced a 1995 documentary on Tiananmen Square? Chai Ling didn't like how she was depicted and unleashed the lawyers.

Listeners, we always welcome all your feedback.

This segment aired on October 21, 2011.


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