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People are feeling pretty vocal about Bruins' Goalie Tim Thomas and his decision not to attend a White House event honoring the Stanley Cup champions earlier this week. And on Wednesday, after we ran a commentary on Thomas from "Only A Game" executive producer Garey Waleik, Radio Boston listeners had their say.

"Maraith" said this on our website:

You respect the Presidency if not the holder of that position. Shame on this guy for his disrespect.

To which "Ben-O-Para" added:

I became a hockey fan after the Bruins won the championship and have supported them ever since. However, that sport is on the verge of losing me forever because of Tim Thomas' unwise disrespect for the office of the President of the United States. Go Pats, Celts and Sox forever and evermore.

"Kelty" threw in the old adage:

There's no 'I' in team.

But "Ralph disagreed." He wrote:

I don't see Thomas as showing disrespect for his teammates. He has shown he is an independent thinker and will not go with the flow for appearances sake.

And there was one particular part of Waliek's commentary that drew strong reaction. Here's what he said:

But his decision definitely is about politics. Take away politics, and there’s absolutely nothing to talk about, no reason to snub what will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime invitation, no reason to tweet about it, no reason to engage in rhetoric. Thomas should simply admit he’s a political creature.

"BB" responded:

I feel great sympathy for Tim... All of the offices of our Government should be treated with respect. But politics has become so dirty... that there is really no way for a decent man to participate.

And on our Facebook page, Jason Hurley wrote this:

Too often in our culture we are divorced from civic engagement by the latter-day bread and circus of professional sports... [But] even if you disagree with his politics, I don't understand how you can fault [Thomas] for voicing is own opinion and declining the presidential invitation. I would have, regardless of who's in office.

Keep the comments coming.

This program aired on January 26, 2012.


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