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(Flickr/Great Beyond)
(Flickr/Great Beyond)

It's time for your feedback on our recent programs.

Many of you were rankled by our own Adam Ragusea's contention last week that music school is a pyramid scheme. Ragusea says when earning a master's degree in classical composition, he was paying to learn a trade where the only good way to get his investment back was to eventualy teach that trade to others.

Listener "Daniel" wrote on our website that when he studied at Oberlin Conservatory, students were told from the start that very few of them would be able sustain themselves as performers. He added:

You pursue music because you love music, want to become a better musician, and hope to use this passion and skill for financial gain. I emphasize the word "hope". There is no guarantee. You're rolling the dice, and you're mortgaging your future on it. Ok. There isn't room for complaining at the end if you don't win what you hoped for.

"Nick" took issue with Adam for extending his argument to the liberal arts in general:

I do not begrudge [Mr. Ragusea's] description of Music School or any Fine Arts education as seeming like a ponzi scheme. But it is quite a leap to associate his experience pursuing [a] specialized degree in classical music composition with the critical thinking skills and creative thought processes that are nurtured in a Liberal Arts education. The distinction deserves to be noted.

On Friday, Anthony had a conversation with coffee connoisseur George Howell, founder of the Coffee Connection and CEO of George Howell Coffee. "Jan Dumas" wrote on our website:

We always had great coffee in Boston, I, like most of the area run on Dunkin... Coffee is ground beans with warm water forced through them. The addition of milk, flavors, and foam well that is not coffee, it's soda

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This segment aired on March 6, 2012.

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