Weight Loss In A Pill: Will It Work?10:47

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With 50 percent of adult Bostonians overweight or obese, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino put forth a challenge in his State of the City address this year.

"My goal is to see all of us combined... shed a million pounds this year," Menino said.

Today, the city launched a campaign to help them do it. "Boston Moves for Health" includes a website where residents can log in and pick goals — whether it be to lose weight, get more active, or eat better — and track their progress.

Now, increased exercise and nutritious eating remain at the core of any weight loss program, but that hasn't stopped scientists from seeking mechanical ways to help people shed pounds. You've heard of gastric bypass, and LAP-Band: both procedures surgically reduce the size of the stomach so you eat less.

But don't you wish there was an easier, less invasive route?

Allurion is a medical device start-up that is developing a high-tech balloon that expands in your stomach. The key thing is how they plan on getting it into your stomach. The balloon is packed into a pill that you swallow.


  • Jonathan Wecker, CEO of Allurion Technologies
  • Shantanu Gaur, co-founder of Allurion Technologies

This segment aired on April 23, 2012.