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Political Roundtable: Romney On Health Reform, Mass. Senate Race Ads14:42

This article is more than 8 years old.

Presidential Campaigning

With just eight weeks to go until election day, the most recent tracking polls suggest that President Obama got a slightly bigger "bounce" from his convention than did Republican Mitt Romney. Two new polls — one by Gallup, another by Rasmussen — give the President a five point lead. But a post-convention gain is called "a bounce" for good reason: what bounces up often comes down again.

Scott Brown

Brown's new ad features him taking credit for sponsoring legislation that cracked down on insider trading by members of Congress. If you look closely, you can see President Obama telling Brown, "Good job."

The New York Times reported that Brown's use of Obama was an appeal to independent voters in Massachusetts:

Mr. Brown’s new ad is a clear overture to independent voters, who make up more than 52 percent of the state’s electorate. It seeks to reassure them that splitting their ticket — voting for a Democrat for president and a Republican for the Senate — can still mean that things will get done in Washington.

Elizabeth Warren

Continuing her focus on the middle class, Warren released her "Rigged" ad:

The Boston Globe reported:

The spot is an attempt to rebut Brown’s portrait of Warren as an enemy of free enterprise and to appeal to frustrated middle-class voters and Democrats.

The focus on the middle class also remains center stage in both presidential campaigns.


This segment aired on September 10, 2012.

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