Kind World: Candy For The Soul

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NECCO - the New England Confectionery Company - is giving us a reason to feel the love even after Valentine's Day with this story submitted by Christine Powers from Winthrop, Massachusetts to WBUR's Kind World project, a blog celebrating the kindness of others.

Christine had just taken her son, Michael, to the pediatrician to get his shots. Understandably, Michael left the doctor’s office quite upset. So to cheer him up, his mother decided to take him to the NECCO Candy Factory in Revere, Massachusetts. But when they arrived, it started raining. Buckets. And to make matters worse, the store was closed. It seemed that an effort to cheer up her son had been foiled by nature and circumstance; that is, until a stranger stepped in.

We invite you to submit your Kind World story and share with others a sense of the profound impact one human can have on another.

This segment aired on February 18, 2013.


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