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Here's an idea for the next time you have drive to the airport on your way out of town: instead of paying the $20-plus a day to park your car at the airport, you could park for free, have your car cleaned and get a free tank of gas. Not a bad deal, right? The only catch: While you're away your car would be rented out to someone else.

That's the deal being offered by the new company Flight Car, which is already operating in San Francisco and will be launching soon at Logan Airport.


Shri Ganeshram, co-founder of Flight Car.


Boston Globe "It’s a fascinating new twist on so-called car-sharing, a business model that includes big companies such as Cambridge-based ZipCar­ (now part of Avis) and smaller start-ups like RelayRides — founded in Cambridge by a Harvard­ Business School alumnus but now based in San Francisco."

Forbes "Larson is also a data point in an economic revolution that is quietly turning millions of people into part-time entrepreneurs, and disrupting old notions about consumption and ownership. Twelve days per month Larson rents his Marin County home on website Airbnb for $100 a night, of which he nets $97. Four nights a week he transforms his Prius into a de facto taxi via the ride-sharing service Lyft, pocketing another $100 a night in the process."

This segment aired on March 12, 2013.


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