Blue Bins And The Future Of Trash In Boston

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A recycling center in San Francisco. (AP)
A recycling center in San Francisco. (AP)

Boston recycles less waste than other cities and throws more into landfills. Are those ubiquitous blue bins to blame? We'll take a close look.


Barbara Moran, a science journalist, her recent piece on recycling in Boston is here.

Jack Macy, senior commercial Zero Waste Coordinator for the San Francisco Department of the Environment.


Boston Globe "If you live in or near Boston, there’s a fairly good chance your recycling comes here, to Casella in Charlestown. The biggest material recovery facility in the state, it sits just north of Bunker Hill Community College, hard against the Interstate 93 northbound lanes, and trucks drop about 750 tons of household- and business-generated recycling here every day. I’d driven by the place a hundred times on my way to the White Mountains and never noticed it."

This segment aired on July 18, 2013.


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