Ben Bradlee Jr On Ted "The Kid" Williams

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Ted Williams (AP)
Ted Williams (AP)

It's not hard to make the case that Ted Williams, who played his entire career with the Boston Red Sox, was baseball's greatest hitter ever. He hit for average — the last player to hit 400 in a season. And he hit with power. Over 17 seasons he won six batting titles, four home run titles and four RBI titles. And he hit well consistently — starting in his rookie year in 1939... until his final at-bat in 1960.

Williams defined grace and accomplishment on the baseball diamond, but off the field he was a roiling mix of contradictions: proud but angry. Generous, but combative. Adored by fans, but at war with members of the press. Revered by his son, but often unkind to those closest to him.


Ben Bradlee Jr, journalist and author of, "The Kid: The Immortal Life Of Ted Williams".

Ted Williams through the ages:

This segment aired on December 5, 2013.


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