The Providence Band Deer Tick Performs In Radio Boston's Studio

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On this snowy winter day in Boston, we thought we'd take a trip back to a warmer time in the city — back to the Boston Calling musical festival held on City Hall Plaza in early September.

One of the New England bands that performed that weekend was Deer Tick, which got its start in Providence in 2004. Before the festival, we invited the band to come play for us and we got a live performance in the Radio Boston studio by John McCauley, the band's singer and songwriter, and guitarist Ian O'Neil.

So today, to remind our listeners that there was a time not so long ago when Boston City Hall Plaza wasn't blanketed in snow, we're listening again to that interview by WBUR's Sacha Pfeiffer.


John McCauley, Deer Tick's singer and songwriter

Ian O'Neil, Deer Tick's guitarist

This segment aired on January 3, 2014.

Headshot of Sacha Pfeiffer

Sacha Pfeiffer Host, All Things Considered
Sacha Pfeiffer was formerly the host of WBUR's All Things Considered.



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