Roddy Doyle Returns With An Older, Wiser Jimmy Rabbitte

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Twenty-seven years ago, Roddy Doyle came out with his first novel, "The Commitments." In it, he told the story of young Jimmy Rabbitte, who takes just another Dublin Synthpop band and turns them into a bunch of soul singers.

Since then, Roddy Doyle has published over ten more books. And Jimmy Rabbitte has gotten married, had kids and started a relatively successful music company.

In Doyle's latest novel, "The Guts," he returns to Rabbitte's story, which has suddenly become more complicated thanks to a cancer diagnosis.

Facing his own mortality, Rabbitte reconnects with his past, including his long lost brother, and two members of "The Commitments."


Roddy Doyle, novelist, dramatist and screenwriter. His latest book is, "The Guts."


The ARTery: Roddy Doyle Checks Up On Jimmy Rabbitte From ‘The Commitments’

  • "Jimmy doesn’t think he’s dying but he knows he could be, which makes him hyperkinetic and impulsive."

The Boston Globe: ‘The Guts’ By Roddy Doyle

  • "Jimmy is as driven and fun-loving as ever, but he’s facing formidable obstacles in his pursuit of unfettered joy. Middle-aged, with all the physical indignities that entails, he’s a married father of four, alternately overwhelmed by the burden of covering the children’s costs and wishing they 'would stop growing up.'"


This segment aired on February 6, 2014.


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