Five Runners Return To The Boston Marathon

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Howard Mayes, Demi Clark, Mary Jenkins, Volker Fischer and Brian Donovan ran in stride as they neared the end of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Together, they crossed the finish line at the moment of the first blast along Boylston Street.

These five strangers are linked by uncanny timing and a close encounter with the tragic marathon bombings of last April. But they have not been discouraged by the experience.

The new documentary film, "5 Runners," follows their inspired rebound as they prepare to return for this year's Boston Marathon.

"5 Runners" premieres Monday April 14 at 9:30 p.m. on New England Sports Network and will be streamed starting Tuesday April 15, on The Boston Globe website. Check out a trailer for the film here.


Geoff Edgers, living arts reporter for The Boston Globe, and co-director of "Five Runners." He tweets @geoffedgers.

Demi Clark, 2013 Boston Marathon runner who was crossing the finish line as the first bomb detonated. She plans to run again this April. She tweets @DemiGirlFriday.


The Boston Globe: Chance Leaves Five Runners Forever Linked

  • "Demi Clark was approximately 10 yards from finishing her first Boston Marathon last April when the first of two bombs detonated near the race's finish line. Though she suffered no lasting physical damage, Clark developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of her experience. With the help of a group of veterans, she was able to recognize and begin treating it."

Runner's World: One Of Boston's Final Finishers Returns To Help Cause

  • "They were strangers before Monday’s Boston Marathon and they are strangers today. But Howard Mayes, Demi Clark, and Mary Jenkins are now linked indelibly to what happened at 2:49 p.m. on that day. At the precise moment when the first bomb exploded on Boylston Street, these runners, a retired teacher from Missouri, a health coach from South Carolina, and a quality control investigator from Ohio, took their final steps across the finish line."

This segment aired on April 10, 2014.


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