Globe Investigates Boston's 'College Rental Ghettos'

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A year after Binland Lee's death, The Boston Globe has published a major investigation into the city's "college rental ghettos," and it's findings are dramatic and troubling.

According to the Globe, "Boston's efforts to safeguard students and protect city neighborhoods from real estate investors... have failed by almost every measure."


Todd Wallack, investigative reporter with The Boston Globe. He tweets at @TWallack.

Mike Ross, former city councilor. He tweets at @MikeforBoston.


The Boston Globe: A House Jammed With Students, A Life Of Promise Lost

  • "Every year they come, thousands of students whose dreams help drive Boston, but who must increasingly scrounge for housing off campus. A Globe investigation finds they are easy targets for scofflaw landlords whom the city seems unable, or unwilling, to control."

This segment aired on May 5, 2014.


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