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Charlie Baker Talks Issues In His Second Gubernatorial Bid12:22

This article is more than 6 years old.

Charlie Baker served as Secretary of Administration and Finance under Govs. William Weld and Paul Cellucci. He spent 10 years as CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. In 2010, he ran for governor and lost against incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick.

Now, he's running again.

Baker talks about the hot-button issues in Massachusetts right now — casinos, gun laws, the Department of Children and Families — as well as divides in the GOP and how he's doing things differently this time around.


Charlie Baker, Republican candidate for Massachusetts governor. He tweets @CharlieForGov.


The Boston Globe: Hi There, Nice Charlie Baker

  • "The thing is, Baker seems to be pulling away from his past. That awkward, galumphing, testy guy from 2010? That guy is not this guy. Angry Charlie has gone away. Say hello to Nice Charlie — the Charlie who Baker says is finally being himself."

This segment aired on June 18, 2014.

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