'To Hear The Music' Of C.B. Fisk

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"Beginning in the 12th century, the pipe organ was the most complex man-made device until its mechanism was surpassed by the telephone exchange in the 19th century."

We learned that fact from the new documentary To Hear The Music, which tells the story of a Gloucester-based pipe organ company C.B Fisk.

C.B Fisk built and installed the first mechanical organ in the U.S. at Harvard University's Memorial Church in 1967 and installed a brand-new one there — Opus 139 — in 2012.

To Hear The Music is a story about devotion to the craft, the music and the brilliance of the company's late founder, Charles B. Fisk.

To Hear The Music will be screening at the Woods Hole Film Festival on Tuesday, July 29th


Dennis Lanson, director and producer of To Hear The Music


This segment aired on July 25, 2014.


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