What Martha Coakley's Legal Career Says About Her Gubernatorial Ambitions

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Primary day is exactly a week away — put it in your calendar. There are important statewide races to consider. The governor's race, of course. Lieutenant governor and state treasurer, too. And, the race for the state's top lawyer — the attorney general.

WBUR reporters have been following all the party candidates on the campaign trail, and reporter Fred Thys shared his profile of attorney general and democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, Tuesday. She spoke not just about her political aspirations, but also about her personal history, growing up in North Adams, Massachusetts.

"My dad walked to work often," said Coakley. "My mom stayed home. We had five children. We had family vacations together. We were involved in our church. And we, of course, were in a city where there were lots of big families, and my brother and sisters all had friends from the families, too, so I loved it."


Fred Thys, WBUR reporter covering politics and higher education. He tweets @fredthys.


WBUR: In Governor’s Race, Coakley Seeks Another First

  • "Martha Coakley, the state attorney general and Democratic candidate for governor, met me at a coffee shop on the main street of this western Massachusetts city, where she was born 61 years ago."

The Boston Globe: Steve Grossman For Governor

  • "Attorney General Martha Coakley, the front-runner in the polls, is campaigning on her solid record over eight years as Massachusetts’ top lawyer, including her forceful defense of the state’s buffer zone for protests outside abortion clinics...but overseeing even a large legal team isn’t necessarily a credential for political leadership, and she hasn’t fully explained why she wants to be governor or sketched out her policy priorities in sufficient detail."

This segment aired on September 2, 2014.


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