Poll Vault: Who Votes In Mass. Primaries?

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Conventional wisdom holds that primaries bring out the most passionate, polarized voters, but it doesn't quite work that way in Massachusetts.


Steve Koczela, president of @MassINCPolling and @NEAAPOR. Lead writer for WBUR’s Poll Vault. He tweets @skoczela.


WBUR: A Tale Of Two Primaries In Massachusetts

  • "Two groups of Massachusetts voters will head to the polls Tuesday to choose the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor. But the voters who turn out for these pivotal contests look very different than the electorate likely to turn out for the Nov. 4 general election."

WBUR: The Casino Repeal Effort Is Looking More Like A Long Shot

  • "Earlier this year, it looked distinctly possible that a referendum to repeal the casino law would pass. The margin had narrowed from its pre-2014 levels of 25 or 30 points in favor of casinos, down to single digits, and even flipped to net opposition in one poll."

This article was originally published on September 04, 2014.

This segment aired on September 4, 2014.


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