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Gov. Patrick Addresses Final Cost Of Massachusetts Health Connector

Part of the website for as photographed in Washington. (Jon Elswick/AP)
Part of the website for as photographed in Washington. (Jon Elswick/AP)
This article is more than 8 years old.

Is it $26 million or $1 billion? Just how much will the final bill be to fix the state's troubled health care exchange website?

That was one of the key questions put forward at today's meeting of the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission.

"You should know that the additional cost to the Commonwealth of fixing the website issues will be about $26 million," said Gov. Patrick. "That is a significant sum, but not the hundreds of millions or billion dollar figures that some have bandied about."

He was referring to a report earlier this month from the Pioneer Institute that estimated Massachusetts taxpayers will pay $1 billion to rebuild and administer the Health Connector website.

The governor made his remarks at the commission meeting, where state officials had the opportunity to question industry leaders and experts on how Massachusetts is doing in its overall efforts to control health care costs.


Martha Bebinger, WBUR reporter covering health care. She tweets @mbebinger.


Pioneer Institute: Study: $1B Price Tag for ACA Health Exchange & New Medicaid Program In Mass.

  • "The cost of transitioning to an Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance exchange is likely to top $1 billion over two years, far more than it would have cost had Massachusetts simply used the federal government’s exchange, according to a new Policy Brief published by Pioneer Institute."

This segment aired on October 6, 2014.


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