Updated Edition Of 'It's Perfectly Normal' Includes New Sections On Internet, IUDs

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When it comes to talking to kids about growing up, how their bodies change and sex, one of a parent's go-to lines might be, "It's perfectly normal."

As it happens, that's the title of a book that Robie Harris published 20 years ago.

Now, she's updated it — to reflect all the ways the world has changed.

From frank talk about sexual transmitted diseases, to Internet porn.

But the core content is still there: frank talk about puberty, masturbation and birth control — with lots of colored illustrations to help make the point.


Carey Golberg, co-host of WBUR's CommonHealth blog. She tweets @commonhealth.

Robie Harris, author of "It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health," among other books.


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  • "Way back in 1988, children’s book author Robie H. Harris was sitting in a New York editor’s office batting around ideas for possible books. The editor proposed that she write a book about AIDS for elementary school children; she counter-proposed an all-encompassing look at “almost every single question that kids might have” about anything related to sex."

This segment aired on October 7, 2014.


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