Dar Williams Returns to Her Musical Home, Northampton

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Dar Williams is a major force in the American folk scene. She has a lot of fans — among them, the New Yorker's political writer Hendrick Hertzberg, who called Williams "one of America's very best singer-songwriters."

He said her songs, "are like finely crafted short stories...beautiful, moving and utterly fresh."

Dar Williams got her start right here in New England. After graduating from Wesleyan, she spent 10 years in Northampton honing her craft. She'll be back on that old stomping ground Saturday, performing at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton.


Dar Williams, singer and songwriter. She tweets @DarWilliamsTour.

This article was originally published on December 08, 2014.

This segment aired on December 8, 2014.


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