Hiawatha Bray On Technology: Tech Wins And Loses For 2014

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Reporters who cover the tech beat don't get to keep all those nifty gadgets that companies like Apple or Google send them to review.

Eventually, all those toys have to go back to the companies that sent them. That's why Hiawatha Bray has been boxing up a lot of gadgets these days. And it got him thinking about the good, the bad, and the destined-to-go-the-way-of-the-telegraph gadgets of 2014.


Hiawatha Bray, technology writer for the business section of The Boston Globe. He’s also author of the new book, “You Are Here: From the Compass to GPS, the History and Future of How We Find Ourselves.” He tweets @GlobeTechLab

This segment aired on December 18, 2014.


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