Cambridge-Based Company Aims To Bridge Doctor-Patient Gap

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Visiting the doctor can be tedious — especially if you're dealing with a chronic disease like hypertension or diabetes. You might have to miss part of the work day, wait in the waiting room, and then — when you talk to your doctor and develop a care plan — you're largely left to your own devices.

Sure, you might rely on your own online research or the help of family members, but dealing with chronic conditions can be a guessing game.

That's what the CEO and co-founder of Cambridge-based Twine Health realized seven and a half years ago when he was a resident Johns Hopkins. So, he left medicine and soon became an MIT Media Lab fellow, where he pursued his dream of making health care more collaborative.

John Moore is aiming to do just that with Twine, which makes an app that lets doctors create treatment plans as checklists, which patients follow along daily. The company was one of four finalists in the inaugural Health Acceleration Challenge hosted by Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. Each finalist received over $35,000.


John Moore, co-founder and CEO of Twine Health, which tweets @twinehealth.


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This segment aired on January 14, 2015.


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