The Great Space Saver Debate

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It's the beginning of the end for the city's grace period on space savers. Starting today, when sanitation workers come to pick up trash, they'll be picking up cones, chairs and whatever other garbage people have used to claim ownership of public parking spaces.

Some people say space savers are a necessary evil in these snow-covered months. But the practice has led to arguments and slashed tires, which prompted an all out ban on space savers in the South End this year.

Meanwhile in South Boston, some residents have grown up with space savers, but that doesn't make the issue any less contentious.


Maureen Dahill, runs the blog Caught in Southie. She tweets @maureencaught.

Will Noonan, local comedian with a new show at Nick's Comedy Stop. He tweets @willnoonan.


Caught in Southie: The unofficial rules for saving a parking spot during a snow storm

  • "We hope this review helps make winter a little more bearable and clears 
up any confusion over spot saving.  Be a good neighbor..."

The Boston Globe: Some Bostonians fight for staked-out parking

  • "Bostonians in some neighborhoods say they plan on digging in their heels by keeping their space savers despite the mayor’s announcement to remove the parking spot holders starting Monday."

This segment aired on March 2, 2015.


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