Addiction Expert: We Know Too Little About Marijuana

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What do we really know about marijuana? Kevin Hill, a psychiatrist and addiction expert, says way too little. And, he says, that's a big problem. Because marijuana use is on the rise and the debate over legalization has never been hotter. Recreational use is now legal in four states and there's a push to make it legal here in Massachusetts as well.

This state is among 24 that have already legalized the sale and use of medical marijuana. But Hill argues there's an abundance of misinformation about the weed — about addiction, about its effects on the brain and about how it could be or should be regulated.

Hill casts himself as a dispenser of facts and truth about what's actually known about marijuana. He says, "If you think pot is a pleasant high with minimal risks," the truth is, "marijuana addiction is real" and that use by adolescents can damage development of the brain.

But he also says, "If you think marijuana is an evil drug that leads people down the path of moral degradation," the truth is, pot offers many potential medical benefits.


Kevin P. Hill, addiction psychiatrist and clinical researcher at McLean Hospital and author of "Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth about the World's Most Popular Weed." He tweets @DrKevinHill.


The Boston Globe: State Pushes Forward To Legalize Marijuana

  • "Advocates have long planned an initiative petition to legalize the recreational use of the drug for adults, and political analysts have expected that measure to pass in the next presidential election year.But some lawmakers are balking at the prospect of activists unilaterally writing a law that would have such a profound effect on the state. The legislators would rather write the proposed law themselves, allow for lots of public input, and have final say on the scope and details."

This segment aired on March 27, 2015.


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