Week In Review: DraftKings, Charter Schools, Wynn Casino Fight And Hands-Free Driving

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John Carroll and Tom Keane go behind the headlines in our week in review.


John Carroll, professor of communication at Boston University and senior analyst for WBUR. He tweets@JohnCarroll_BU.

Tom Keane, former Boston City Councilor and writer for WBUR’s Cognoscenti.


Radio Boston: Fantasy Sports Sites Ban Employees From Playing On Rival Sites

  • "Imagine that you’re looking to work at a tennis shop. But here’s one of the rules once you get hired: you can’t play tennis anymore. That might be how some employees at the Boston-based fantasy sports site DraftKings are feeling after it was announced that both DraftKings and the New York-based site FanDuel are banning employees from playing on rival sites."

Radio Boston: Governor’s Bill Proposes More Charter Schools, Outside Cap

  • "At the Brooke Mattapan Charter School, Gov. Baker announced his 'Act To Improve And Expand Educational Opportunity' Thursday. The bill would add 12 charter schools or expansions annually, outside the state’s current cap of 120, with a focus on under-performing districts."

Radio Boston: Steve Wynn Suing For Libel In Latest Casino Squabble

  • "Steve Wynn has filed a libel lawsuit against an unknown defendant who allegedly leaked subpoenas to the media related to a city of Boston lawsuit against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission back in June."

WBUR: Mass. Could Ban Talking On Cellphones While Driving

  • "The use of cellphones while driving has long been a source of contention. A 2010 state law already bans texting while driving and any cellphone use by junior operators 18 or younger. But adults can still hold their phones and drive at the same time, as long as they’re not texting or emailing."

This segment aired on October 9, 2015.


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