Week In Review: MBTA Woes Continue, Donald Trump, SCOTUS Affirmative Action

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Our week in review panel goes behind the headlines. This week, we're talking about the runaway MBTA red line train, new developments in Donald Trump's presidential campaign and oral arguments in the Supreme Court case, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.


Renée Graham, op-ed contributor to The Boston Globe. She tweets @ReneeYGraham.

Arline Isaacson, co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus and a political consultant.


The Boston Globe: MBTA Operator Tied Off Throttle, Didn’t Set Brakes On Runaway Train

  • "The operator of the Red Line train that took off from Braintree Station without him Thursday and barreled more than five miles down the line unattended apparently 'tied a cord around the throttle' and also failed to set the brake before climbing out of the cab, according to a source familiar with the investigation’s preliminary findings."

The Boston Globe: Four Contractors For Green Line Extension Out

  • "Though state officials this week warned they could still abandon the project and its ballooning costs, they cautioned that the changes do not necessarily point to the end of the extension. In fact, the contract decisions could pave the way for the agency to put the remaining design and construction work — which constitute the bulk of the project — out to bid again."

The Boston Globe: Donald Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric

  • "If Trump were serious about keeping this nation safe, he would talk about why we have more mass shootings than any nation in the world, and why the perpetrators are often white men. These are terrible, unassailable facts. Instead, Trump’s flatulent campaign is propelled with so much anti-Muslim invective, he makes former segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace look like Bernie Sanders."

WBUR: On Campaign Trail, Trump Makes No Apologies For Call To Temporarily Bar Muslims

  • Jerry Flynn, the executive director of the police union, explained why it endorsed Trump. Among the reasons, he was the only candidate who came. 'And we invited every candidate to come to our forum, every candidate. Donald Trump was the only one who showed up,' Flynn said. 'What he said tonight — he will sign an executive order on his first day in office for the death penalty for the killing of a police officer or correction officer in the line of duty — that speaks volumes and that’s what our members wanted to hear.' Asked if the union leadership was at all concerned by Trump’s proposal to bar Muslims form the U.S., Flynn said he didn’t want to get into that.

The Atlantic: Is Affirmative Action Finished?

  • "The skeleton at the helm of the good ship Fisher is the Project on Fair Representation, a very determined conservative advocacy group; but the wind in its sails is the unrelenting hatred at least three, and probably four, justices feel for any program anywhere that uses race to advantage minorities in any way."

This segment aired on December 11, 2015.


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