Boston Massacre Hits Home With New Play, 'Blood On The Snow'

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Boston's Old State House in 1793. (Boston Public Library/Flickr)
Boston's Old State House in 1793. (Boston Public Library/Flickr)

In Winter 1770 in Boston, with American colonists increasingly resentful of British rule, an unruly crowd confronts and taunts British troops in the heart of the city.

Without orders, the Red Coats fire on the mob, killing four and wounding nine.

It became known as the Boston Massacre, and it helped light the fuse of the American Revolution.

But what happened the day after the shooting is the subject of a new play called "Blood on the Snow."

It's onstage now in Boston's Old State House — in the very room where the real day-after meeting took place: where Acting Royal Gov. Thomas Hutchinson met with colonial leaders to figure out how to restore calm in the restive city.

"Blood on the Snow," is being presented by the Bostonian Society with the National Park Service through June 5.


Patrick Gabridge, award-winning playwright, novelist and screenwriter. He's the playwright for "Blood on the Snow." He tweets @patrickgabridge.

Nat Sheidley, historian and director of public history at the Bostonian Society. He's historical consultant for "Blood on the Snow." He tweets @sheidley.


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  • "On March 5, 1770 a British officer and seven soldiers fired on a Boston crowd in the fracas known as the Boston Massacre, an event that edged the tense colony to the brink of war."

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  • "What do you know about the Boston Massacre? The March 5, 1770, event sounds like something big and bloody. In actuality, five unarmed civilians were killed and eight more wounded by the soldiers of King George III, but it was a watershed moment in rallying the citizenry of Boston to demand the removal of British troops from the city."

This segment aired on May 27, 2016.


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