Do White Men Need Defending?

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In an op-ed published last week in The Boston Globe last week entitled "In Defense of the White Male," Massachusetts author Roland Merullo offered his defense of the white man, renouncing the blanket condemnation of white men, with the hope that "maybe one fine day we’ll learn to eschew labels, or at least see beyond them, and focus on the humanity we share."

The piece went viral, spurring conversation and controversy online about the politics of identity, the use of generalizations, and the idea of privilege.


Roland Merullo, an award-winning author from Massachusetts. His latest book is "The Delight of Being Ordinary, A Road Trip with the Pope and Dalai Lama."

Paul Marcus, former executive director of Community Change Inc., one of the oldest continuously operating anti-racism organizations in the United States.

This segment aired on July 11, 2017.



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