WBUR Acquires Info On Jurors In Terrorism Trial

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Federal Judge William Young has released the names and cities or towns of the jurors in the terrorism trial of David Wright of Everett. This was after Young initially ruled that he would release the names only if WBUR agreed to a protective order.

Young wrote that even though "there is no credible threat," he wanted to prevent the jurors' information from being "permanently plastered" on the internet.

The case has influenced Judge Richard Stearns' decision in another Massachusetts case in which WBUR is requesting jurors' information, United States v. Glenn Chin.


David Boeri, WBUR senior reporter. He tweets @davidboeri.

Nancy Gertner, former Massachusetts federal judge, senior lecturer on law at Harvard Law School and WBUR legal analyst. She tweets @ngertner.

This segment aired on November 6, 2017.


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