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Should Massachusetts Change Its Flag?18:03

The Massachusetts state flag.
The Massachusetts state flag.

There are multiple debates over state flags here in New England.

In Maine, the state legislature made a recent push to change their flag.

And here in Massachusetts activists and a group of state lawmakers are arguing to change our own state flag, say that its imagery is offensive.

Both the Maine and Massachusetts flags are state seals on a solid background — and though they're disliked for different reasons, flag experts say they have one big similarity: bad design.


Ted Kaye, secretary of the North American Vexillological Association, and compiler of 'Good Flag, Bad Flag,' a guide to flag design.

Jean-Luc Pierite, president of the board of directors for the North American Indian Center of Boston. He tweets @neshoba78.

This segment aired on June 13, 2019.


Tiziana Dearing Twitter Host, Radio Boston
Tiziana Dearing is the host of Radio Boston.


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Walter Wuthmann is a freelance producer for Radio Boston and WBUR's Newscast.


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