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Week In Review: Protests Against Racism And Police Violence Rock Boston, Massachusetts, And The Nation48:34


We take your calls and discuss a busy week of protests over race, racism, police violence against people of color, and President Trump's move to temper them with a militarized response.

This week's panelists include:

  • Michael Curry of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, former president of the Boston chapter of the NAACP, and a member of the national NAACP Board of Directors.
  • Howard Bryant, a senior writer for ESPN, a sports correspondent for NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday, and author of nine books including "Full Dissidence: Notes From An Uneven Playing Field."
  • Tom Nichols, a professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island and the Harvard Extension School, and a senior advisor to The Lincoln Project.

This program aired on June 5, 2020.

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