Newton's Own 'Mr. LEGO' Competes In Fox's 'LEGO Masters'

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LEGOs have shown up everywhere from the Kennedy Space Center to the bottoms of your feet when they're left on the floor. Ouch!
Now, one Newton man has turned them into a career, using them for STEM and STEAM education through his nonprofit, NextGen Smarty Pants.

His name is Paras Patani — a.k.a. "Mr. LEGO"-- and those LEGO skills have landed him a coveted spot, out of 25,000 applicants, on the second season of Fox's LEGO Masters. He describes the show as the Olympics for the LEGO community.

Patani holds many titles — robotics engineer, founder/CEO, LEGO Master — but he says it's the title of "Dad" that has been his biggest inspiration. He joins us to talk about his work and his experience on the show.

This segment aired on June 22, 2021.

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