Week In Review: Rollins, Omicron and Future Of Work

Rachael Rollins is confirmed as the new US Attorney for Massachusetts, but not for lacking of trying by the Republicans to stop her. All GOP Senators vote no. The vice president breaks the tie, with 50 Democrats in favor, and Rollins makes history.

Meanwhile, COVID cases are up, bigly. Some of the highest increases in the country. Omicron on our minds and not in that good, folksongy way. Are vaccinations the way out?

While field hospitals are currently off the table, hospital staffing is straining the system. And it's not just there: Inflation, through the roof. The big quit, the great resignation. Strikes at the MFA, massive shortage of service workers, plow drivers. The MBTA cutting bus services for lack of drivers. And Massachusetts job opening rate is really high — at more than 8%.

What's going on? Is it more than just COVID 19, is there a big change happening in work?

We take listener calls with Jim Stergios, Executive Director of Pioneer Institute, a Boston-based think tank that focuses on education, healthcare and economics. And Renee Graham, a Boston Globe columnist and a WBUR contributor.

This segment aired on December 10, 2021. The audio for this segment is not available.

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