Ukraine relief efforts in Massachusetts and archiving New England Holocaust history

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This is the Radio Boston rundown for Monday, March 7, 2022. Anthony Brooks is our host.

  • As Russia continues its attacks on cities and towns across Ukraine, citizens are mobilizing the world over. That includes here in Massachusetts, where protesters took to the streets for the second weekend in a row, rallying to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Meanwhile, Massachusetts organizations, communities and churches are sending aid in the form of money and supplies to the embattled country. We speak with WBUR reporter Simón Rios, who has been reporting on Ukrainian relief efforts in the Boston area, as well as Reverend Peter Mosijchuk from the Bethesda Ukrainian Pentecostal Church in West Springfield, which has been organizing its own Ukrainian relief efforts.
  • For decades, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has been collecting and archiving items belonging to those who died in the Nazi genocide, and those who survived. Today, there's a renewed and urgent push to gather the items before it's too late and those survivors are gone. Part of this push is happening on Wednesday, when the Museum will host a virtual event to encourage New Englanders to find and donate their pieces of history. Former Boston City Councilor Mike Ross will host that event, he joins us. As does Fred Wasserman - acquisitions curator for the National Institute for Holocaust Documentation of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  • Major League Baseball and the players are deadlocked in their negotiations to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. And while fans might be disappointed and players frustrated, with stadiums empty, businesses who depend on the baseball season have a lot to lose. We speak with Jen Whyte, co-owner of Fort Myers Brewing Company, which is right by spring training facilities down in Florida where the Red Sox and a handful of other teams practice, and David Littlefield, or rather, the "Sausage Guy" as he's known — whose food cart is operated outside Fenway. We also speak with Boston Globe sports business reporter Michael Silverman for an explainer on the lockout.

This program aired on March 7, 2022.


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