American student loan debt, and the 'Black Super Hero Magic Mama' play

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This is the rundown for Radio Boston for May 2. Tiziana Dearing is our host.

  • Among the 43 million Americans with student loan debt, the average amount owed is $28,950. Starting next fall, Williams College in western Massachusetts is moving away from loans by turning all of its financial aid into grants. Students will no longer have to hold a job to qualify.
  • The Suffolk County DA is expanding a drug diversion program to allow many of the people arrested near the so-called "Mass. and Cass" area of Boston to potentially avoid court by instead going to addiction treatment. The announcement came after the city temporarily shut down its "engagement center" following five reported stabbings in the area last week.
  • "Black Super Hero Magic Mama" is a new play about a comic book superhero created by a Black teen, who later is killed by police. The play centers on the teen's mother, who must find a way to make sense of the tragedy through her son's fantastical heroine. The play runs through May 21 at the Boston Public Library, and it examines who has the right to tell the story and how the media talks about the loss of Black lives, especially unarmed Black men and youths.

This program aired on May 2, 2022.


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