Examining Boston's complicated history of racism in sports

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(Jesse Costa/WBUR)
(Jesse Costa/WBUR)

This is the Radio Boston rundown for April 28. Carrie Jung is our host.

  • Boston is very big on sports, but both fans and local sports media have accumulated a number of racist incidents over the years. Local sports journalists and personalities join us in studio to discuss the complicated past and present of Boston's sports commentary.
  • We talk with Harvard visiting fellow Broderick Turner about the intersection of race, prejudice, and tech.
  • The 2022 documentary "Stonebreakers" is premiering in Boston. It explores America's recent reckoning with historical memory and the removal of racist monuments. The film visits Plymouth Rock, among other places. Its director joins us in studio to talk more about the movie and rethinking of history.

This program aired on April 28, 2023.


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