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Conflict in the Middle East; Courage and Democratic Pluralism39:11

This article is more than 18 years old.

A few weeks ago, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Boston Univeristy professor emeritus, Hermann Fr. Eilts, delivered a lecture titled "The Road to Camp David and the Beginning of the Arab-Israeli Peace Process: A Personal Reminiscence" at Boston University. We used this occasion to invite him to our show to talk about the continuing conflict in the Middle East and heard his opinions on what is needed to restore and achieve peace in the region.

A presentation of the last lecture of the 32nd annual lecture series at Boston University's Institute for Philosophy and Religion followed the conversation with former Ambassador Eilts. The lecture was presented by Professor of Philosophy and Director of African American Studies at Vanderbilt University, Lucius Outlaw, and the topic was "Courage and Democratic Pluralism."

This program aired on May 13, 2001.

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