Getting To Know the EU: Portugal and Spain (Rebroadcast)27:23

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This week's show featured a discussion presented by the Institute for Human Sciences, titled "Getting to Know the European Union: Portugal and Spain."

The speakers were Joao de Vallera, Ambassador of Portugal to the United States, and Carlos Westendorp, Ambassador of Spain to the United States. The moderator of the discussion was Alan Berger, Senior Editorial Writer for The Boston Globe.

Joao de Vallera became ambassador of Portugal to the United States in February 2007. He first joined the diplomatic service in 1974. He was serving as ambassador to Germany prior to being appointed ambassador to the United States.

Carlos Westendorp became ambassador of Spain to the United States on September 15, 2004. Previously, ambassador Westendorp who joined the Spanish Diplomatic Service in 1966, served as a member of the Autonomous Community of the Madrid Parliamentary Assembly (2003-04) and a member of the European Parliament (1999-2003).

This program aired on July 27, 2008.

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