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Endless Thread's 2020 Listener Survey

Team Endless Thread on Zoom.
Team Endless Thread on Zoom.

It's here: the Endless Thread 2020 Listener Survey! Why should you be excited about this? Because, by taking the survey, you're joining us on a mission to keep Endless Thread strong and to make it EVEN BETTER.
Data is really important to our show and to our public radio station. It helps us get funding from sponsors. It helps us understand what you, the listener, want... and frankly, what you don't want. It gives us a clearer sense of what kind of show to make and how to best serve our audience with our journalism. We do all of this by getting better feedback from YOU.
If you want to be a part of Endless Thread's future success and growth, click HERE to complete the survey, and thank you. We simply cannot do this without you.

Amory Sivertson Twitter Co-Host and Producer for New Programming
Amory Sivertson is the co-host and producer of Endless Thread.


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