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Congress to Overturn Religion-Based Hiring Ban

Congress is expected to approve a measure today that would allow private religious groups that operate federal job training programs to discriminate on the basis of religion when hiring people. The change would overturn a ban that's been backed up by federal law for 20 years.

NRA Frowns at Bush Stance on Semi-Automatics

The National Rifle Association is expressing disappointment over President Bush's intention to uphold an existing ban on semi-automatic assault weapons.

Britain's Labour Party Suspends Galloway

In Britain, the Labour Party this week suspended one of its most high-profile members, George Galloway, for his outspoken resistance to the war in Iraq.

Charles Enderlin on Middle East Peace

We speak with veteran foreign correspondent Charles Enderlin about the fragile Middle East peace process. Enderlin has been reporting from Jerusalem since 1968.

Budget Cuts Hit Poor, Elderly

State budget cuts nationwide are affecting many programs for the poor, including Medicaid, the federal program that pays for health care for poor and elderly Americans.

Mailbag May 8, 2003

Listener letters and comments.

The Sport of Hockey Violence

We get inside the cult of hockey fans who trade and collect tapes, not of the games, but the fights.

This program aired on May 8, 2003.

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