Show rundown for 5/9/2003

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Iran Calls for Nuclear Power

Iran says it needs to pursue a nuclear program because the country's energy resources are depleted. Critics say Iran has plenty of natural gas reserves and caution against allowing Iran to gain nuclear capabilities.

Iraqi Art Recovered

New reports out of Baghdad suggest the number of ancient artifacts looted from Iraq's National Museum is smaller than originally believed.

Photojournalism in Nicaragua

We speak with an American photojournalist who returned recently from Nicaragua, where he reported from in the 1980's. He says many of the problems he encountered then still exist today.

Scandals in the Spotlight

Our editorial roundtable discusses some recent scandals surrounding media figures and people in the public spotlight.

Americans Out of Work

Host Bill Delaney shares his thoughts on th plight of Americans ut of work.

X2: X-Men United

Our human film reviewers give their impressions of the comic book mutants who return to action on the silver screen in "X2: X-Men United."

This program aired on May 9, 2003.

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