Show rundown for 6/19/2003

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Paper Shows Shift in FBI Staffing

The General Accounting office releases new figures on the number of FBI agents once assigned to preventing drug trafficking, who are now engaged in the fight against terrorism.

Iraq Attacks on U.S. Forces Continue

The latest on the situation in Iraq, where attacks against U.S. forces still in the country continue.

William Bulger Testifies about Whitey Bulger

University of Massachusetts President William Bulger testifies before Congress today about his brother, James "Whitey" Bulger...a reputed Boston mob boss still on the FBI's Ten MOst Wanted list.

Economics in Europe

We discuss Europe's economic picture, and why some analysts believe in the long term, it could prove to be stronger and more stable than the U.S. economy.

Gray Davis Fights for His Political Life

California Governor Gray Davis is fighting for his political life as a Republican-led petition recall effort builds steam.

U.S. Military Increases Presence in Africa

Former head of the sub-Saharan African bureau of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Bill Thom talks about the U.S. military's increased presence in Africa.

Mailbag 6/19/2003

Listener letters and comments.

Ibsen Plays All the Rage

Theater critic Bill Marx discusses why plays by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen are all the rage these days.

This program aired on June 19, 2003.

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