Show rundown for 7/18/2003

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Body Found in England Presumed British Advisor

A body found in central England is presumed to be that of missing Ministry of Defense adviser, David Kelly. Kelly, a 59 year old former weapons inspector, was one of the central figures in the political storm over altered intelligence on Iraq's alleged weapons program.

CIA, White House Disagree over Syria WMD Data

In a new dispute over intelligence data, the CIA has objected to a Bush administration assessment over Syria's weapons of mass destruction.

National Guardsman in Baghdad

We speak to a National Guardsman stationed in Baghdad.

America's NGOs Come under Scrutiny

Some are calling for more scrutiny of non-governmental organization, NGOs, such as Greenpeace and CARE.

Reporting on Troop Morale

Members of our press panel discuss how they've been covering troop morale.

Geography Bee Winner

We speak to the International Geography bee winner. Thirteen year old Dallas Simons from Tennessee beat other contestants from France and Germany.

Cool Movies

Films that lower the thermostat with actors too cool for school.

This program aired on July 18, 2003.

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