Show rundown for 7/29/2003

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Banks to Pay $300 Million in Enron Settlement

Two banks agree to pay nearly $300 million in penalties and fines and settle accusations that they helped Enron in misrepresenting its financial condition.

Pentagon Cancels Futures Market

The Pentagon planned an online futures trading market where anonymous speculators would forecast terrorist attacks, but it scrapped the plans late this morning.

The Fate of Amtrak's Empire Builder

Amtrak's Empire Builder runs from Chicago to Seattle with stops along the way. It's one of the trains the White House wants to stop as it restructures Amtrak. We'll speak to the mayor of Glasgow, Montana about the Empire Builder and what happens to his town if the train service ends.

Smoking and Teens

Strict law enforcement may prevent retailers from selling cigarettes to teenagers, but has little effect on the number of teens who light up.


We explore the notion of empathy with health commentator Judy Foreman.

Israeli Government on Sharon White House Visit

We speak to a representative of the Israeli government about the Prime Minister's White House visit.

Saudi Foreign Minister Meets Bush

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister visits President Bush today to discuss a congressional report on the September 11th attacks.

Seamen's Woes

Many foreign-born seamen are having a difficult time coming ashore in U.S. ports since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Coney Island Visit

Producer Karen Pelland visits Coney Island with historian Michael Immerso.

This program aired on July 29, 2003.

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