Show rundown for 9/8/2003

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Bush Asks for $87 Billion for Terrorism Fight

President Bush says it will cost $87 billion to fight terrorism and that Iraq is now the "central front" in that effort.

Supreme Court Hears Campaign Finance Arguments

Supreme Court justices return early today to hear arguments about campaign finance rules. The court will decide if new finance laws square with First Amendment protections.

Ahmed Qurei Agrees to Palestinian PM Job

Palestinian parliament speaker Ahmed Qurei will accept the prime minister's job if Israel complies with the peace plan.

Burns Series Ends on World Trade Center

Filmmaker Ric Burns talks about the final part of his New York documentary.

Bush's Speech on Iraq

We look at President Bush's speech to the nation about fighting in Iraq.

Energy Trash

A University of Massachusetts has found a way to use germs to generate an electrical current.

Miles Davis

Tim Riley talks about how Miles Davis fused jazz and rock.

Warren Zevon Dies

Warren Zevon, who wrote and sang the hit, "Werewolves of London," died Sunday. He was 56.

This program aired on September 8, 2003.

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