Show rundown for 9/16/2003

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Wesley Clark to Announce Candidacy

Wesley Clark, the retired general with a four-star military resume but no political experience, decided Tuesday to become the 10th Democratic presidential candidate.

California Recall and the 2000 Election

The court ruling that delayed the recall election in California referred to the presidential election of 2000.

Modernizing State Elections

Many cities and towns in California and in other states have outdated voting machines.

Speech Recognition Technology

Improvements to speech recognition technology may have consumers second-guessing the value of their computer keyboard and mouse.

Hurricane Heads to North Carolina Coast

Hurricane Isabel, though weakened, remains a powerful storm and is on track to hit the North Carolina coast on Thursday.

Espresso Tax Proposed in Seattle

Voters in Seattle will decide today whether to pass a tax on espresso drinks. The money raised by the tax would pay for early education.

The State of Women's Sports

The women's soccer league in the U.S. collapses as the World Cup is set to begin. Also, the professional women's basketball league play the final game in the championships.

Poetry of Place

Work from poets from around the nation with our resident curator, Joseph Lees.

This program aired on September 16, 2003.

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