Show rundown for 9/22/2003

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Iraq U.N. Compound Bombed

A suicide bomber sitting in a car outside U.N. headquarters in Baghdad set off explosives, killing an Iraqi security guard and wounding 19.

Saudi Arabia and Nuclear Weapons

Patrick Clausen of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy talks about reports that Saudi Arabia is considering developing a nuclear weapons program.

Muslim Chaplain Detained for Alleged Espionage

Authorities have detained U.S. Captain Yousef Yee on charges of espionage.

Bush to Speak to U.N. on Iraq

A preview of President Bush's speech to the United Nations.

Temporary Visas

Christopher Koch of CIO magazine talks about foreign workers and temporary visas in the U.S.

Biologist Says Lion Population in Danger

Lions are close to extinction, according to a biologist from University of California.

Rebuilding Highway 12

Authorities in North Carolina rebuild Highway 12, and it is not the first time Mother Nature has destroyed parts of it.

Books on Beethoven

Classical music reviewer Ellen Pfeiffer looks at some recent books about Beethoven.

This program aired on September 22, 2003.

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