Show rundown for 9/24/2003

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Pakistan's Musharraf Meets Bush

As Pakistan's President Musharraf meets with President Bush, we'll look at the challenges Musharraf faces at home and pressure from Washington to do something about the Taliban.

Attorney Says Al Halabi Innocent

The attorney for Ahmad Al Halabi says his client, an Air Force translator, is not a spy. Al Halabi is accused of trying to send classified information about the Guantanamo Bay detainees to Syria.

Al Jazeera Banned from Iraq

The Iraqi Governing Council in Baghdad banned two Arab media outlets from its briefings and government buildings. The Council accused the stations of inciting violence against American troops.

Mail Order Drug Safety

As the FDA warns about the safety of prescription drugs shipped into the U.S. from Canada, we'll ask an FDA official what it is doing to monitor the safety of drugs shipped within the US.

Human Trafficking

President Bush highlighted human trafficking his speech at the United Nations.

Romney Pushes for Death Penalty in MA

MA Governor Mitt Romney is trying to reinstate the death penalty in Massachusetts.

Hockey's Money Problems

As the professional hockey league gears up for another season, we'll talk to sports economist Andrew Zimbalist about why the league is in financial trouble.

Vegas Casinos Change Ad Focus

The city is trying a new approach to lure people there, and it's no longer a family-friendly approach.

This program aired on September 24, 2003.

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