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France, Germany, Russia Barred from Iraq Contracts

France, Germany and Russia are barred from competing for contracts for rebuilding Iraq.

China Premier Meets American Insurance

Premier Wen of China is lunching with executives from an insurance company today. We'll look at China's nascent insurance industry and what opportunities there may or may not be for American firms in China.

China Premier Goes to Dairy Farm

Premier Wen visits a family-owned dairy farm in Massachusetts to see how it's done. We'll talk to the owner who says he's been asked not to serve big portions of ice cream to his Chinese guests.

Tibet, Tibet

Author Patrick French talks about his new book on Tibet.

NH Debate

It's the final debate before the caucus in Iowa and the primary in New Hampshire.

Students React to Debate

What did first time voters think of last night's debate? Was there too much discussion about Al Gore's endorsement of Howard Dean?

Literary Cookbooks

Book man Steve Almond meets chef Kathy Gunst. The discussion: literature in books about food and cooking.

This program aired on December 10, 2003.

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